Houston Theological Seminary

Theology Seminar, Fall 2023

Hinton 113, 3:00 – 4:15 pm
*Aug 28- Hinton 114
**Oct 23- Hinton 123

*Aug 28: Lynn Cohick, “The Blood of Christians is Seed”: Martyrdom in the Second Century

Sept 11: Felisi Sorgwe, Ham Did What?

Sept 28 (Thursday): In lieu of Theology Seminar, we will host Katherine Sonderegger, Christology.      7:00 pm in Belin Chapel. Requires registration for alternative Zoom link. To register, visit hc.edu/aocollinslectures.

Oct 9: Jason Maston, Why No Address to Masters in 1 Peter? [residential only; not on Zoom]

**Oct 23: Paul Sloan,“What NT Scholars Need to Know about Ritual Purity

Nov 6: Kyle Sherling, Paul’s Readings of Abraham’s Lineage in Romans 9:6-13

Nov 13: Andrew Rillera, Sacrifice in the Epistle to the Hebrews

Dec 4: Logan Williams, Impurity, Communion, and Translating “Koinos”

Recurring Zoom Link (for all dates but Sept 28 and Oct 9):

Meeting ID: 985 6553 2077             Passcode: 394897


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