Just Can't Wait for Fall 2020 at HBU

The News Magazine of HCU

All of us have been affected by the recent, global pandemic, either directly or indirectly. For HBU, it meant we were required to quickly transition the mode of instructional delivery and the way we serve students in the spring and summer. We’re humbled by so many learners who responded with optimism and eagerness to move forward with the new plans in place. We continue to pray for our HBU family and our world. As an institution that has grown and thrived for 60 years, we’ve dealt with trials and setbacks before. By God’s grace, we believe we will emerge from this season stronger. Our hope is in the Lord, and we know that this, too, will pass. We are preparing for a bright future and moving forward with plans to be back together again on campus for Fall 2020.

For many of us, this great interruption in our lives has been an opportunity for a reset, causing us to reevaluate our priorities and goals, and more greatly value that which is most important. Similarly, HBU has revisited how we can better serve students, alumni, and the HBU family, and how faculty and staff can be more effective at providing an unparalleled higher education experience. Ultimately, we don’t want to just return to normal; we want to become better. We look forward to having students with us to complete their educational journeys. All of us at HBU are eager to welcome you back on campus for Fall 2020. #DawgsUp