Department of Educational Leadership and
Higher Education

The goal of the Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education is to train students to become knowledgeable, competent, ethical professionals in their fields who are able to bring Christian ethics, values, and worldview to their workplaces. To this end, our goal is to provide learning experiences that:

  • include coursework that meets or exceeds the state standards for academic knowledge in each discipline
  • offer opportunities to develop levels of skills necessary for entering the professional arena and performing with excellence
  • emphasize critical thinking, utilization of resources, and the ability to work independently and cooperatively
  • impart the importance of professionalism, integrity, values-centered work, and lifelong learning and development

The Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education offers four graduate programs with coursework leading to Educational Administration (MEd), Higher Education (MEd), Doctorate of Education in Executive Educational Leadership (EdD), and Doctorate of Education in Special Educational Leadership (EdD). We understand the needs and concerns of graduate students and are able to serve them exclusively. Read more about the degrees offered below.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education provides an educational foundation for school administrators who will shepherd children through their formative years, as well as training for careers in higher education, including community colleges and universities.

The Doctorate in Executive Educational Leadership prepares students to perform in a variety of executive leadership positions, while the Doctorate in Special Educational Leadership is designed to prepare educational leaders who will have greater knowledge and skill sets needed for the special education field.

Amazing Faculty

The faculty you will study with here at Houston Christian University are truly remarkable. Our full-time faculty actively participate in clinical work. Our adjunct faculty have terminal degrees and are out there working in the field.

All of our faculty care about individual students like you. You are not just a face in a classroom. You are a person who deserves a real relationship with your professors and your fellow students. Our classes are interactive, not passive, and they foster those real relationships that last into your future career.

What Next?

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Academic rigor + great practical training = hirable graduate!

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Education Degrees Offered

Master of Education in Educational Administration

The Educational Administration program prepares graduate students for positions as principals or assistant principals in elementary, middle or high schools, and for such district-wide administrative positions as program directorships and supervisor or coordinator positions. The program is designed to enhance students’ abilities in planning, organizing, delegating, supervising and leading through a variety of activities, procedures, and experiences, some of which are campus-based and some field-based. Students completing the program may also qualify for the Texas Standard Principal Certificate after passing the TExES exam.

MEd in Educational Administration »

Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design

The Master of Science in Learning, Technology, and Design is a 30-hour program tailored toward equipping instructional designers and digital specialists to lead in academic and professional institutions. Students learn to design, develop, and assess academic and professional technologies that will meet the growing demand for online and in-person learning tools. Graduates are prepared for meaningful employment in educational institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

MS in Learning, Technology, and Design »

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Executive Educational Leadership

The EdD in Executive Educational Leadership at Houston Christian University is designed to prepare doctoral candidates to perform in a variety of executive leadership positions. Graduates of the program are prepared to serve, for example, in positions such as human resource directors, superintendents, principals, and university and community college faculty and administrators. These positions may be held in private companies, nonprofit organizations; public, private, and charter schools; universities; and community colleges.

Executive Educational Leadership EdD »

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Special Education Leadership

The Doctor of Education in Special Education Leadership graduate program is designed to prepare educational leaders at the highest level for efficacy with special education programs, students, parents, staff, faculty, and stakeholders. This degree is applicable in educational and behavioral health settings. Graduates of the program have the opportunity to pursue careers as college professors, campus and district-based special education directors, administrators and private school leaders while furthering their knowledge and skill sets in the special education field. This program is offered through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Special Education Leadership EdD »

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Executive Leadership in Mental Health and Human Services

The need for mental health caregivers is great. To guide those on the front lines, and to formulate effective programs to answer the needs presented by crisis and trauma, the HCU Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership in Mental Health and Human Services degree program prepares graduates to serve in mental health services management roles. These professionals will help develop, deliver and oversee services to those in community and institutional settings.

Executive Leadership in Mental Health and Human Services EdD »