Table of Weights and Measures Mentioned in Scripture, 1812

Tables of weights and measures are found in many Bibles. This particular version is taken from The New Testament published by Whiting and Watson in New York in 1812.

Measures of Application

A Hair’s Breadth, 48th Part of an Inch.

A Finger, somewhat less than an Inch.

A Hand’s breadth, 3 inches.

A Span, 9 inches.

A Foot, 12 inches.

A Cubit, a Foot and an half.

An Holy Cubit, a Yard.

The King’s Cubit, A Foot and 9 Inches.

A Reed, 6 Cubits and an Hand’s Breadth.

A Pace, 5 Feet.

A Furlong, 125 Paces.

A Mile, 1000 Paces.

A Sabbath-day’s Journey, 600 Paces.

Measures of capacity of things that are dry

A Kab, a Quart.

An Omer, 3 Pints and an Half.

A Measure, or Seah, a Gallon and an Half.

An Ephah, Half Bushel and Pottle.

Half Homer, or Sethex, 12 Bushels and a Quart.

An Homer, or Cor, 24 Bushels and a Pottle.

Measures of Liquids

A Log, Half a Pint.

A Hin, 3 Quarts.

A Bath, 9 Gallons and 3 Quarts.

A Pot, or Sextary, a Pint and an Half.

A Measure, or Chœnix, a Quart.

A Firkin, 4 Gallons and an half.

weights of appension of counterpoise

A Shekel in Weight, a Quarter of an Ounce.

A Shekel of the Sanctuary, Half an Ounce.

A Pound, 12 Ounces.

A Talent, 62 pounds.

A Mule’s Burden, 200 Weight.

A Table of Money

A Mite, Half of a Farthing.

A Quadrant, or Farthing, 2 Mites.

An Assary, or Farthing, an halfpenny Farthing.

A Gerah, or Piece of Money, a Penny Halfpenny.

A Drachm, or penny, Seven Pence Halfpenny.

A Didrachm, or Shekel, One Shilling three-pence.

A Stater, or Shekel of the sanctuary, Two Shillings and sixpence.

A Mina, or Pound, l.3 2s. 6d.

A Talent of Silver, l.187. 10s 0d.

Gold coins

A Shekel of Gold, Piece, a Darcon, Darius, or Drachm of Gold, l.0.15s.0d.

A Pound of Gold, l..75. 0s.0d.

A Talent of Gold, l. 2250. 0s. 0d.