Photographs of Bible Lands from 1895 New Testament

The New Testament, Illustrated and Explained, published by N.D. Thompson Publishing Co., 1895, contains extensive commentary and notes by Drs. John Brown and Josiah Porter, as well as over 100 photographs of Biblical sites.  The photographs show places “where Christ delivered His sermons, performed His miracles, uttered His parables, offered His prayers, pronounced His prophetic warnings, and the memorable places connected with the life of St. Paul, from Damascus where he was converted , to Rome where he was beheaded.”  Here are “the scenes of biblical events in Nazareth Bethlehem Egypt, Jerusalem, Jericho, Jordan, Tiberias, Cana of Galilee, Damascus, Ephesus, Corinth, Thessalonica, Athens, and Rome.”  Robert E.M. Bain provided the photographs, with descriptions by Rev. James W. Lee.   It was the publisher’s hope that this edition of the New Testament “makes the actual earthly existence of Christ very real indeed, and brings Him wonderfully near to us, and brings us, in turn, even a little nearer to a more vivid conception and clearer understanding of the home, country, ministry and sinless life of the Sainted Man of Galilee.”  Click on the links below to see the photographs.

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  1.  Cataract of the Jordan
  2.  View of Bethlehem
  3. Tree of the Virgin at Matariyeh
  4.  Horns of Hattin, Sermon on the Mount
  5.  Wildflowers of Judea
  6.  Plains of Sodom and Gomorrah
  7. View of Tyre
  8. Wall of the Synagogue at Capernaum
  9. Sea of Galilee
  10. Church of St. John, Samaria
  11.  Sea of Galilee from the Wall of Tiberias
  12. Entrance to Caesarea Philippi
  13. Mount Hermon
  14. Mill near the Waters of Merom
  15. Fountain of the Apostles
  16. View of Jericho
  17. The Golden Gate
  18. Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem
  19. Mount of Offense
  20. Rock upon which Jesus Leaned
  21. Field of Blood
  22. Monastery of the Brook Cherith
  23. Traveling in Galilee
  24. The Gadarene Country
  25. Sidon from the Sea
  26. Mill at Bethsaida
  27. Mount Tabor
  28. Site of the Temple
  29. Mountains of Judea
  30. Bethany
  31. Garden of Gethsemane
  32. Church of St. John in the Desert
  33. Nazareth from the Latin Mount
  34. Distant view of the birthplace of John the Baptist
  35. Place of the manger in the Grotto
  36. Road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem
  37. Beeroth
  38. Ford of the River Jordan
  39. Stream flowing from under the Mount of Temptation
  40. Greek Mount of Precipitation, Nazareth
  41. Distant view of the Mount of Beatitudes
  42. Interior of the Church at Nain
  43. Magdala
  44. Bethsaida
  45. Bedouin village near Caesarea-Philippi
  46. Street scene in Tiberias
  47. Ahabs well
  48. Inn of the Good Samaritan
  49. Jewish Wailing Place
  50. The Dead Sea
  51. Plain of Jericho
  52. Mount of Olives from Jericho Road
  53. Spot where Jesus Prayed
  54. Cana of Galilee
  55. Sychar
  56. Jacobs Well
  57. Mount Gerizim
  58. View of Jerusalem from Bethesda
  59. Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee
  60. Pool of Siloam
  61. Tomb of Lazarus
  62. Valley of Jehosaphat
  63. Arch of Ecce Homo, Jerusalem
  64. Modern Mount Calvary
  65. Grotto of Jeremiah
  66. Sea of Galilee
  67. Nazareth from the East
  68. Valley of Shechem
  69. Island Rhoda
  70. Pillars in Samaria
  71. Gateway to Damascus
  72. Street Called Straight
  73. Site of the House of Tabitha
  74. House of St. Peter, Jaffa
  75. Temple of Jupiter, Olympus, Athens
  76. Falls of Beyrout
  77. Thessalonica
  78. Athens from Mars Hill
  79. Mars Hill, Athens
  80. General view of old Corinth
  81. Forum and Prison of St. Paul
  82. Vathy Island of Samos
  83. Panorama of Jerusalem
  84. River Road, Damascus
  85. Valley of the Kedron
  86. Ancient Bridge, Rome
  87. House of Tiberius, Rome
  88. Falls of the Abana, Damascus
  89. Citadel at Corfu
  90. Puteoli
  91. Appian Way near Rome
  92. Rome from St. Nicholas
  93. Scene in old Corinth
  94. Suphanieh, Damascus
  95. Place in the wall of Damascus where Paul was let down
  96. Arch of Constantine
  97. Aqueduct of Ephesus
  98. View of the Tiber
  99. General view of the Acropolis
  100. Threshing scene at Heliopolis
  101. Drawing water from the Nile
  102. St. Paul’s Road
  103. Smyrna from the Tomb of Polycarp
  104. Tomb of Polycarp
  105. Church of St. John, Ephesus
  106. Pergamos
  107. Columns in Temple of Cybele, Sardis
  108. Philadelphia

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