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Head Coach David Shuster

Coaching Philosophy:

I believe that coaching has to be a passion first. Secondly, you have to enjoy teaching others to become the best that they can possibly be by hard work, self-discipline, work ethic, respect, accountability and responsibility – both in the classroom and on the playing field. A large part of coaching has to come from the heart; you have to show others that you truly care about them. Leadership and respect are things that are earned in time. Listen, learn and live it!

The HBU men’s golf team has a goal to win on the golf course and in college courses, too. Team members regularly rack up recognitions for their academic prowess. David Shuster, head men’s golf coach, said, “My inspiration in coaching is to continue to help student-athletes grow their minds to achieve both knowledge in the classroom and on the golf course as well. Golf is a great teacher of life’s many peaks and valleys; it teaches them how to persevere through the tough times, and how all of the hard work will prepare them to overcome in the end. I want to see them learn continuously, and help them grow a strong mindset to win or reach higher levels of achievement in all of life’s endeavors.”

When recruiting athletes, Shuster looks for well-rounded young men. “I feel like we work hard to find the type of student-athletes that are confident, those who have success in the classroom, and those who aren’t afraid to grind through the tough times and can work through to see the finished product,” he said. “Each one of our golfers has a great opportunity to make a difference, to win championships, and to grow in Christ while getting a great education.”

Senior player, Nickolas Martinez, said of his choice to play for HBU, “I was looking for a great coaching staff that was willing to work with me as a student-athlete. I wanted to become the best I could be in the classroom and on the golf course. This is what I always believed I could do at HBU. Leadership, discipline, work ethic and dedication are also some of the values I have learned from my coaches.”

Martinez sees his experience as a student athlete benefiting him long-term. “I always thought that my ability to dedicate myself mentally and physically to something like the game of golf would be seen as valuable to the companies I hope to work for in the future,” he said. “The game has taught me patience and perseverance, but the most important lesson I learned from all of this is communication. In golf, you constantly communicate and meet new people, which in turn establishes relationships and eventual connections in the future.”

Marcelo Trevino, a senior golfer, said, “Golf has taught me a lot of values, but the most important for me is to be persistent. I find a balance with friends, family, God, golf and school. Playing at the collegiate level is the greatest opportunity someone can have because it is formative for the players, and it is something we will never forget for the rest of our lives.”