Set up for Success at HBU

The News Magazine of HCU

HBU sets students up for success:

  • Educationally
  • Spiritually
  • Vocationally

Time in college often serves as a transition between adolescence and adulthood. Students discover what they want to do and who they want to be. HBU students don’t have to make these determinations alone.

Student Success Center staff members help guide students as they navigate classes, majors, and academic paths. The Spiritual Life Office helps equip students through spiritual education and discipleship programs. Faculty members guide learners as they build knowledge in preparation for career and postgraduate pursuits. Student clubs, organizations and athletics programs give students peer support and growth opportunities. And the Office of Career and Calling connects students and alumni to internships and jobs.

College degrees correlate with higher earning power, career satisfaction, and career options. HBU’s unique approach addresses the mind and spirit, the social and developmental needs of students, and the career readiness of graduates. It’s HBU’s commitment to ensure students are set up for success.