Parents & Family Guide for GO

Should I attend Orientation?

We love to have parents attend our  GO! In order to best accommodate work schedules, the majority of parent activities occur on day 2 and in the evening. You and your student will have the opportunity to learn how HCU will support your student, learn about your students tuition and payment plans, accessing their financial aid and more.

Our goal is to answer any questions you may have about sending your student to HCU.

Parent & Family Resources

The first year of college is a season of change and transition for both students and parents. For most parents, the adjustment of no longer having their child at home can be tough. Combining that with new financial aspects that come with someone attending college, parents realize any resource that can be helpful is welcomed. Because of this, HCU has a desire to offer resources to help parents.

Submitting Documents in

How to create a FSA ID for

Tuition & Payments

One of the most stressful parts about sending your child to college is managing the financial aspect that comes along with it. It often seems there is countless amounts of information one needs to know, and processes to go through to meet your student’s financial obligations. At HCU we have two well equipped and helpful offices to help you with any questions you may have and resources to help navigate the financial aspects of sending a child to college.

Schedule a financial aid appointment:

Our financial aid and admission counselors are trained and available to meet with you and your student to discuss how to make HCU affordable. You can request an appointment Monday-Friday  8am-5pm HERE!

Parent & Family Accommodations

Below you will find a list of hotels near HCU, including some that offer a special rate for parents and guests of students. Please indicate when making reservations that you are with HCU.

View Area Hotels near HCU in a map.