This Week's Review: Incredibles 2

I was very pleased with “Incredibles 2.” I had not realized it had been 14 years since the first installment; I have to hope it will not take another 14 years for the third installment.

I tend to see almost everything with the Pixar imprint, but I have to admit that the quality is not as consistent as it could be. This animated spoof of superhero movies is not only a good example of parody, but it is a good superhero saga in and of itself. The cast should receive full credit for making the characters seem all too human.

Even though government funding for the Incredibles and their super friends is drying up, an eccentric billionaire whose parents were murdered is anxious to fund them and to campaign for the restoration of their funding. Eccentric billionaire? Where have we heard that before?

The first part of the campaign involves an emphasis on Elastigirl (aka Mrs. Incredible): her action scenes are breathtaking. The second part involves the three children trying to save their parents from Screenslaver, a mysterious villain who seeks to use the mass media to gain total world domination. (That part reminds me of James Bond’s war with an ambitious media mogul in “The World Is Not Enough.” The infant, Jack-Jack, steals the show as he begins to manifest his various powers.

I found the film very satisfying; it is safe for grandchildren and grandparents alike. (It might be a bit much for the very young.)