Culture Influencer: Marie A. Mater

Dr. Marie A. Mater, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Speech Communication in the Department of Law and Society, judged speech and debate events at the following national and regional National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) online tournaments:

-National Open 1A “East Regions” on January 6-9, 2021
-National Open 1B “West Regions” on January 13-16, 2021
-Online Region XII Qualifier 1 on January 27-30, 2021
-National Open 2A “Even-Numbered Regions” on February 3-6, 2021

NCFCA is an organization committed to training homeschool, high school students to address life issues in a manner that glorifies God, and ultimately preparing students to shape the culture and impact people for Christ. Through regional and national competitions supported by exceptional training and an elite qualification system, NCFCA Speech and Debate provides a proven framework that challenges students to grow their communication skills. The formal speech and debate programs are designed to teach young people to communicate truth with both integrity and grace. Each speech event offers unique educational opportunities that promote critical thinking, research, literary analysis, and effective delivery. Each debate style emphasizes organizational skills, logical argumentation, respectful refutation, and effective delivery.