HBU Engineering Program Begins with Inaugural Faculty

The HBU College of Engineering is the first entirely new college that HBU has launched since 1973 (apart from department reorganizations). The first students are being admitted this fall, 2018. Even in its early stages, the college has benefited from the support of advisory board members and from organizations in the community. Integral to any program’s success are its faculty members. Dr. Stan Napper, dean of the College of Engineering, is pleased to announce the first faculty members in the College of Engineering, Dr. Melissa Carlton has joined as assistant professor of Computer Science, and Dr. Keith Drake as assistant professor of Engineering.

Dr. Carlton has a BS in Computer Science, a MS in Information Studies, and a PhD in Information Systems and Security. She also has earned a BA in Business Management and an MBA. Dr. Carlton worked in information technology for a major retail corporation and for a major university for 26 years before completing her PhD in 2016. Her doctoral research was in cybersecurity skills and education. She has been teaching Computer Science courses at Florida State University in Panama City for the last five years. Dr. Carlton brings specialized cybersecurity strength to the College of Engineering through her participation in the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), experience with one of the National Security Agency (NSA) Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD), and the Joint Task Force for Cybersecurity Education. In addition to teaching the first-year cyber projects sequence, Dr. Carlton will teach other Computer Science courses, develop advanced computing and cyber laboratories, and develop the application to NSA for the Center of Academic Excellence for HBU.

Dr. Drake earned a BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia (where he conducted research in data mining for image analysis). Drake also served four years in the US Air Force, stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where he supervised research in intelligent crew-aiding systems and related research. Dr. Drake worked for 25 years in industry, focusing on medical technology where he excelled in data mining, automation and data science. Prior to coming to HBU, he taught first-year engineering courses at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, using many of the same components that will be used in the HBU engineering projects courses. He managed the Pre-Engineering program at UHCL and taught graduate-level software and data science courses.

Dean Napper said, “We are again grateful to God for bringing resources and people to HBU to support our important mission. Dr. Carlton and Dr. Drake are ideal founding faculty members to teach and mentor our students, to engage with industry partners, and to lead our cyber programs with high standards of excellence.”

The vision of the College of Engineering at HBU is to be the best in the world for integrating fundamental principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and modern computing and information technology (IT), with historic Christian values and standards (FAITH) to serve God and serve mankind. These three “pillars” (STEM, IT and Faith) supporting each other and supporting each graduate meet a significant need in the world of 21st-century challenges, and uniquely position HBU as a preparer of talent for the workforce, the community and the world. The mission of the College is to educate and train engineers who will utilize God-given resources and God-given talents to serve humanity by solving technical challenges efficiently and securely. HBU Engineers serve the Lord Jesus Christ and serve mankind by making the world healthier, more productive and more secure.

For more information on the degree programs, the project-based and hands-on approach to learning, or the significant industry engagement, please visit the College of Science and Engineering.