Student Highlight of the Month

Student Highlight of the Month

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When I arrived at HCU as an incoming freshman, to say I was under prepared is an understatement. On move in day, I stepped on campus for the very first time and unloaded the few boxes that were carried to my room for me by some very enthusiastic fellow huskies. On that first day, I didn’t quite see HCU for the amazing opportunity and community that it held. I was ready to get my degree and get out. However, it did not take long for my apathy to turn into excitement as I was introduced to incredible people and organizations that helped me build my character and ignite my enthusiasm for the opportunities God had placed in this season of my life.Student from Greek

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from my time here at HCU is that college does not only exist to teach you how to earn a degree and a good job, but it will teach you so much more if you allow yourself to have an open mind. During my time here at Houston Baptist, I have learned how to develop my strengths to the best of my ability, how to lead and serve in my community, and how to live an honorable and fulfilling life after college. Being involved on campus and in the community has provided me so many learning and growing opportunities. Though it keeps me very busy, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

At HCU, you learn that “get a degree and get out,” is not a very foolproof escape plan. Once I opened myself up to change, I quickly learned that I was going to leave college with not only a degree, but lifelong friends, mentors, and skills. I am so thankful for the people that I have been able to grow alongside with over this past year and cannot wait to see what else God does in my time here at HBU.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

-Colleen Dunne, Class of 2021