Meet the Student Success Coaches

Students Success Coaches at HCU love work with your students during their first year.  They serve as advocates for their success, supports your student academically, spiritually, socially, and mentally and connects them to resources and the HCU community.  HCU Student Success Coaches are also academic advisors for different majors.  It is important for your student to make an appointment and meet their coach.  Here are some fun facts to help you get to know more about your student’s success coach.


Success Coach: Mai Borges

Fun Facts about Success Coach Mai:

  1. She was in a TV commercial
  2. Her husband works at HCU too
  3. She has three nationalities Venezuelan, Italian & American.






Success Coach: Lindsey Moreno

Fun Facts about Success Coach Lindsey:

  1. She is an HCU Alum
  2. Had a chicken as a pet
  3. Has been to 3 countries





Success Coach: Annel Gonzalez 

Fun Facts about Success Coach Annel:

  1. She is a huge soccer fan
  2. She has a huge fear of heights
  3. Danced Mexican Folkloric in college