Shannon Holzer, PhD

College of Arts and Humanities
Philosophy, History, Law, and Society
Assistant Professor of Government


  • PhD in Religion, Politics, and Society, Baylor University
  • MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
  • BSOE in Religion, Wayland Baptist University, Hawaii

Courses Taught

  • US and Texas Government
  • Law and Religion in the US
  • Ethics
  • The Gospels
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Modern Philosophy
  • God and Philosophy
  • God and Reason
  • Pauline Letters
  • Christian History and Thought
  • Logic
  • Symbolic Logic
  • Epistemology: Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Philosophy of the Human Person

Selected Publications

Routledge Handbook of Church and State, (Routledge, New York, Forthcoming)

Competing Schemas within the American Liberal Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Differing Perceptions of Church and State (Peter Lang, New York, 2016)

“Religious Reasoning and Due Process of the Law: Why Religious Citizens Have the Burden to Prove the Innocence of Their Reasoning in the Public Square,” Oxford Journal of Church and State (2015)

“American’s Second Revolution: The Two Competing Legal Schemas in the American Democracy,” Trinity Law Review, Spring (2015)

“Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Same Sex Marriage: Do Same Sex Couples Have a Natural Right to be Married?” Texas Review of Law and Politics (2015)

The Principle of Civil Strife and the Exclusion of Religious Reasoning from the Public Square,” The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics, Vol. 3 (2015)

“Courting Epistemology: Legal Scholarship, the Courts, and the Rationality of Religious Belief,” coauthored with Jonathon Fuqua, Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, Vol. 3, No. 2 (2014)