Spiritual Life Department

In fulfilling the Spiritual Life Mission Statement we seek to foster Christian community life and worship by creating experiences for students, faculty, and staff in spiritual formation that will support the integration of faith and learning.

The Spiritual Life Department includes the Community Life and Worship Program, Baptist Student Ministries, and church relations.  Please come by the Spiritual Life Office located above the University Spirit Store in the MD Anderson Student Center.

Covenant Fellows Program

The Covenant Fellows Program is to give students called to Christian ministry personal and professional support as they further their undergraduate development into competent and holistically educated ministers/professors/missionaries. HCU covenants with our students and with local churches to provide educational and professional experiences that will prove beneficial to both those studying in the program and those churches supporting and employing our ministerial students. For more information contact Spiritual Life at 281-649-3223.

HCU Spiritual Life Staff

The Spiritual Life office is located on the second floor of the MD Anderson Student Center above the University Spirit Store. To contact please email spirituallife@hc.edu.