Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Program Overview

Navigate your path to a future as a principled and proficient leader in accounting and business.

At Houston Christian University, our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree program equips you with essential professional skills and a deep-rooted Christian ethos, guiding you across various career paths in accountancy and beyond.

Whether you aspire to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), corporate accountant, government financial manager, entrepreneur, or educator, or further your education and certifications, broad business and accounting education prepares you to make informed professional decisions and design the career path that fulfills you.

As an accounting major at HCU, you benefit from our strong alumni network, receive personalized career advice and support, and gain expertise in key concepts and tasks related to taxation, auditing, and advanced accounting.

Accounting Major Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum for today’s job market.

As an accounting major at HCU, you study a variety of specialized and technical accounting approaches, backed by a comprehensive business education covering math and statistics, information systems and analytics, management and marketing principles, and human resources.

Accounting degree requirements include auditing and assurance controls, financial management, and taxation accounting coursework. This exposure to different functions in the accounting field helps you carve the way to your vocational path successfully.


Top courses for accounting majors.
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
  • Principles of Accounting I and II
  • Accounting Communication
  • Taxation for Corporations and Other Entities

Unrivaled Career Benefits

We set you up for career success.

The BBA in Accounting curriculum immerses you in traditional accounting principles and contemporary business practices, preparing you for many business and career opportunities. Across campus, access regular lecture series and experiential learning opportunities, as well as tailored career services.

Upon graduation, your comprehensive understanding of accounting opens doors to roles leveraging financial expertise in the corporate world, public accounting and consultancy, government and nonprofit roles, and entrepreneurial ventures of your own. If you plan to pursue certifications or exams after graduation, your academic advisors and career specialists assist you in meeting the requirements.

Salary and Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in business and financial occupations to grow faster than the average across all occupations. If you are interested in fields such as risk, insurance, management consulting, tax preparation, or government accounting, becoming a financial specialist can bring an average salary of $78,180 per year. Budget analysts can earn an average of $82,260 per year. If you earn the necessary certifications, accountants and auditors can earn an average annual salary of $78,000.

Student Opportunities, Support, and Initiatives

Networking and Internships

Our network works for you.

Our well-established alumni network opens doors for you to engage with potential employers and offers the chance to gain practical experience and earn college credit through internships. At Houston Christian University, we provide support in securing internships, leveraging both our strong alumni connections and opportunities beyond our network, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your professional development in accounting.

Student Support and Services

Find the support you need when you need it.

Whether you need assistance from tutors, a listening ear to talk about any obstacles you may be facing, or guidance on your future career path, educational journey, or spiritual calling, HCU offers a wide range of student support and services to help you achieve success and accomplish your goals.

Explore College of Business Hubs

Explore our industry connections.

For accounting majors, the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, along with the Center for Christianity in Business, present opportunities for internships and internships enmeshed in the professional community within Houston. Moreover, our diverse range of clubs and organizations creates avenues for meaningful connections, as well as leadership development, enhancing your experience in business and accounting.

BBA to MBA Pathway

The BBA to MBA track at Dunham College of Business empowers accounting majors to complete graduate credits while still an undergraduate, earning both a BBA and an MBA degree in five years total.

Work closely with your advisor to map a path to completing your undergraduate accounting degree while pursuing graduate credits, which are often a prerequisite to CPA licensure and other certifications. This accelerated progression positions you to more quickly attain the professional credentials to launch your career.

Admissions and Aid

Begin your educational adventure in a close-knit spiritual environment at Houston Christian University, where we cultivate future leaders in business accounting equipped with both ethical insights and technical expertise to drive business excellence and fulfill their calling. Consider taking these next steps:

Earn a BBA in Accounting at HCU

At Houston Christian University, our bachelor’s degree program in accounting hones your analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills essential to navigating the diverse and lucrative accounting field.

Embrace a program that advances your professional competencies and integrates Christian values, setting you on a path to success and leadership in the business sector.

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