Building a Social Impact Company (Interview w/ JoAnn Flett)


On this episode, Professor JoAnn Flett shares a vision for Christians to build “social impact companies” to provide solutions to the world’s problems.

JoAnn Flett is a Senior Lecturer in Management and directs the MBA in Social Impact at Eastern University. Ms. Flett’s research focuses on the role of business in society. She is interested in business that combines social mission and market activities to bring about societal change for the world’s most pressing needs. Thanks to the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, and the Certified B-Corp Movement, there is now a whole body of research exploring how business is being used to address societal problems. Ms. Flett was recently awarded a 2019-2020 Fulbright Scholarship to the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago for teaching and developing social entrepreneurial capacity.

Ms. Flett serves on the board of several high impact social organizations that include: Accord Network (100+ International Development Agencies); Capital of Good (performance philanthropy); Broad Street Ministry (practicing radical hospitality to vulnerable Philadelphians). She also serves on three advisory boards for Everence Financial-Philadelphia; Partners Worldwide, NCB Trinidad and Tobago; and Initiate Australia.

Ms. Flett is married to Eric Flett (celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary this year) and the couple has two sons, Miles (23) and Elliot (19). Eric teaches theology at Eastern University.