McNair Lighthouse Lab


Collaboration that fosters innovation.

The McNair Lighthouse Lab is Houston Christian University’s center for collaboration that fosters leadership and fellowship.  At the Lab, current faculty, staff, and students can turn their innovative ideas into action through the resources and programs provided by the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.



The Lighthouse Lab generates Christ-centered professionals through competitive communication. Such improvement is a process of education, review, feedback, and student modification. The Lighthouse Lab offers students a process to develop three areas of soft skills—spoken, nonverbal, and written communications. To do so, the Lighthouse Lab implements training in individual and small-group settings wherein the students learn, practice, and perfect their communication talents.

This training includes evaluation of performances via review, recordings, and open feedback. The Lighthouse Lab coaches toward betterment and reevaluates as appropriate. Numerous venues are utilized by the staff to include evaluation of writing, video recordings of presentations, video recordings of mock interviews, and coordinated utilization of other resources throughout the university. 

​Value Statement


Furthermore, each Lighthouse Lab student is immersed in a Christ-centered education of professional communication. Indeed, every such professional must consider the impact of their communication on themselves and their environment. Communication carries great power, and it is each person’s responsibility to wield it wisely. “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Prov 12:18, NIV).

To reach this established Vision while maintaining our professed Value Statement, the Lighthouse staff implements highly focused procedures and practices to generate Christ-centered professionals with competitive communication skills. 


McNair Lighthouse Lab is located on the second floor of Hinton Center. Visitor parking is available by Lot 1C and 2 by the entrance from Fondren.


The Lab is open to current Huskies, faculty, and staff for co-working. Use of the meeting room, classroom, and project room requires reservation.