Family Records in the American Bible Collection

Seymour, George and Sarah Newell Hunt, married February 10, 1841.


1841 Bible published by David Fanshaw for the American Bible Society, stereotyped by J. Redfield, New York.   Bible 318


George Seymour, M.D. of Litchfield, Connecticut, to Sarah Newell Hunt, youngest daughter of Arad and Sarah Hunt of Vermont.  February 10. 1841.  Location: Springfield, Mass. By Rev. Henry Lee.


  • Sarah Newell Seymour. April 21, 1843.  Litchfield, Connecticut.



  • Sarah, from mother, May 7, 1840.
  • This sacred volume is presented to John Hunt in compliance with the dying request of his affectionate and ? Sister Sarah, with the best wishes of his sincere friend and affectionate brother.  George Seymour


A gift from thy sister – my dear boy

‘Tis the true source of happiness, peace, and joy.

May its beautiful precepts thy footsteps guide

And keep thee through life on virtue’s side.

This Book, imparted by a sister’s tears,
May it speak to thy heart in after years;

And when she rests ‘neath the lowly sod.

May I trach thee to put thy trust in God.

May thine, beloved, be a blessed lot- And oh, may the giver be never forgot!