Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Business Administration Bachelors Degree

Business Administration Major

Infuse a business major into liberal arts with a BA

Get marketable skills in business disciplines with a strong liberal arts focus. A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration incorporates writing, interpersonal communication, and critical analysis. Business Administration major degree plan

Business Administration Minor

Get a business education with any major.
Designed for non-business majors, the Business Administration minor gives you the foundation of business' elements, including: legal concerns, economics, and marketing. Degree plan for Business Administration minor

Business Administration Certificate

For non-business majors
Master the fundamentals of business with the certificate in Business Administration. Learn core business elements such as management strategies and statistical outcomes. Degree plan for Certificate in Business Administration

Your Business Administration Education


Where our graduates make an impact
A BA in Business Administration allows our graduates to explore various career paths, including: analyst, sales manager, financial advisor, consultant, and HR manager.


Earn an MBA in one additional year
The 5-year MBA plan is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us or your academic advisor for a personalized degree plan. MBA in General Management All MBA options


Your support system at Dunham
Talk to your designated success specialist or faculty advisor for guidance on your next step. Connect with your advisor