Faculty & Staff Members Honored at End-of-Year Celebration

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Faculty & Staff Members Honored at End-of-Year Celebration

HBU faculty and staff members gathered to mark the end of the school year, and to recognize those who have contributed in exceptional ways to students and to the University as a whole. Employee service tenures in increments of five were recognized as well.

Winners of the Ray Mayfield Outstanding Staff Award were Mon’Sher Spencer, director of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs, and Alan W. Presley, associate director of Web Strategies and Operations. Finalists were Lisa Michalk, Harriet Sturgeon, Sandra Zambrana, David Hao, Fredderick Simmons and Clint Strickland.

Opal Goolsby Professor of the Year Winner was Dr. Felisi Sorgwe, associate professor of Theology. Finalists were Dr. Wendy Frazier, Jesse GrothOlson, Dr. David Grubbs, Susan Schneider and Dr. Agnieszka Czopik.

Minnie Stevens Piper Professor University nominee was Dr. Steven Jones, associate professor of Classics. Finalists were Dr. Joshua Farris, Jesse GrothOlson, Dr. Polly Trevino and Dr. Saul Trevino.