Student Experience: A Key Educational Element

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During Honors Convocation in May, several dozen students on the Dunham Theater stage were lauded for their contributions in areas throughout the University, receiving applause from an audience of peers, supporters, faculty and staff. Senior Seth Grant, dressed in a sport coat, shook his head incredulously when he was called forward a blush-inducing fourth time. The affable blond was the recipient of the Christian Leadership Award, the Resident Assistant of the Year, the President’s Award, and was named “Mr. HBU.”

On campus, Grant did everything from solve issues as a resident assistant in the Husky Village Apartments, to work as the writing tutor coordinator in the Academic Success Center, to serve lunch as a Baptist Student Ministry volunteer.

While it would seem that Grant had known his peers for at least all four years of his undergraduate work, it’s noteworthy that he was only at HBU half of that time after transferring in as a junior. Grant’s involvements demonstrate the egalitarian nature of HBU. It’s an institution where every student – traditional, nontraditional, commuter, transfer, athlete, international, veteran and more – can find his or her place. “HBU is a special place,” Grant said. “The environment here promotes growth in community.”

Student involvement makes for a holistic educational experience, and prepares them for life beyond college too, says Whit Goodwin, HBU associate provost for Student Life. “Students, through being involved in community, service, leadership and other participation opportunities, develop, not only the ability to think critically, but also the skills and values to be a person who makes the world better instead of simply making a paycheck,” he said. “They are developed into well-rounded people who will be effective for good in whatever context they choose.”

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