Endowed Scholarship Donors Honored at Reception

The News Magazine of HCU

James Blackwell’s family first donated to Houston Baptist University in the 1960s, when they gifted a tract of land in the Alvin area to the University. He is still passionate about supporting a higher education institution which has as its founding mission, recognizing Jesus Christ as Lord. “I pray that students get the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and grow up to serve God,” he said.

Blackwell was one of the honorees at the Endowed Scholarship Donor Reception at Morris House in April. The event recognized recent donors who gave in order that the goals and dreams of future students may be realized. Donors are memorialized in recognition plaques located in the Bettis Quadrangle of the Brown administration building.

Aaron, ’06 and Stephanie Diehl, ’07, recently established a scholarship for their alma mater. “I had an endowed scholarship as a student and benefited from it,” Aaron Diehl said. “I was uniquely appreciative. We had the opportunity to give and we did.”

Student Julianne Lee, a mezzo-soprano and pianist who is majoring in music and minoring in biology, is a recipient of the Mellinger Endowed Scholarship in Music. She shared her gratitude at the event. “I auditioned at HBU and fell in love with it and decided to come. The scholarship is really helpful to me,” she said. “My experience has been extremely great.”

We Offer Special Thanks for the Newest Endowed Scholarships

•Betty J. Beard Endowed Scholarship

•Winnie Evans Blackwell Endowed Scholarship

•Linda and Colonel Newton V. Cole Endowed Scholarship for Christian Thought

•Neil and Peggy Daniels Endowed Scholarship

•Diehl Family Endowed Scholarship

•Grace Gandy Endowed Scholarship

•Grayson and Patsy Glass Endowed Scholarship

•Jo and Charles F. Howard Endowed Scholarship

•Tana Jefferson Endowed Scholarship

•Steve and Becky Kerns Family Endowed Scholarship for Athletics

•Jane Jester, ’68 Marmion and Stephen Andrew Marmion Alumni Endowed Scholarship

•Margaret Newman Endowed Scholarship in Studio Visual Arts

•Schissler Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Nursing honoring Nancy Schissler

•Dr. Doris Corpier Warren Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

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