This Week's Review: "Mortal Engines"

I started my Christmas holidays with “Mortal Engines,” a film produced by Peter Jackson, who will always be remembered for “The Lord of the Rings.” I have never read the book upon which the film is based, but the trailers looked interesting. The film is spectacular, to say the least, and is worth seeing on the big screen.

The story takes place in the 32nd century; a nuclear holocaust in 2119 has left the world of 3119 in a terrible mess. Surviving towns and cities have turned themselves into mobile city-states seeking to devour each other’s resources. You have to see London to believe it.

As soon as the story began to unfold, I could not help noticing several similarities to the plots of the early “Star Wars” films. I enjoyed the film, but I do wish there had been more originality. I will not be surprised if George Lucas does not sue for copyright infringement.

My next foray should include the new “Mary Poppins” film and Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule.”