Fall 2021 Cohort

Zachary Bucher
2022 International Business

“In five years, I want to be able to expand the business world past the use of only transactions but towards conversations and bringing humans back together.”

Esther Cordova
2023 Finance

“I enjoy learning and putting everything I learn into practice in order to assume to my responsibilities in the correct manner.”

Loyda Cordova
2023 Finance

“My goal is to make products available in my home country Honduras and help young girls with curly and kinky hair style their natural hair.”

Jamila Cross
2023 Accounting

“In five years, I hope to obtain my CPA and work for the government or a private sector.”

Nathaniel Ewest
2023 Finance

“My career goal in the next 5 years is to be working in Investment Banking or in a Venture Capital Firm preferably with a focus on ESG investing or Socially Conscious Investing.”

Makenzy Leonard
2023 Marketing

“As for my career path, I would like to be working for fashion companies such as Chanel and Dior.”

McKenzie Moon
2022 Marketing

“I would like to have a rewarding job that I enjoy. I also see myself working towards owning my own business and transitioning to working there full time.”

Mariosnella Morles
2024 Management

“I believe that guiding myself through many possibilities will help me grow and mature as a professional, and eventually reaching my goal of running my own successful business.”

Lourdes Orozco
2022 Marketing

“I hope to work at a small-knit community business company who needs help in their creative marketing side where I can grow and network.”

Sparkle Pickney
2022 International Business

“I envision my career emerged in international affairs as the world continues to globalize and evolve in business and other areas.”

Prosper Princewill
2023 International Business

“Through my career, I want to reach a diverse network of people and attain a broader worldview and skillset that would create value in my life and those I come in contact with.”

Valentina Gallego Silva
2024 Accounting

“I am looking forward to finishing my degree in accounting, getting CPA certified, and working for a company that will allow me to grow and explore opportunities abroad.”