Culture Influencer: Dr. Gardo Blado

Dr. Gardo G. Blado, Professor of Physics in the College of Science and Engineering (COSE) and Houston Christian University undergraduate physics majors, Jonathan Nguyen (2021), Giovanni Renteria (2020), Skylar Gay (2020), and Bryce Mortimer (2021) published their work entitled “Quantum Heat Engines and the Generalized Uncertainty Principle” in the peer-reviewed journal, Hadronic Journal vol. 46, No. 3, 339-358 (2023).

The paper is a result of a series of projects completed as part of the research component of the upper-level physics courses at HCU. It is the first paper in the literature to derive a general equation to describe the effects of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle on quantum heat engines and in particular on the quantum Otto heat engine.