• What about meals?
    The hotel we choose will likely provide complementary breakfasts. Food of all price ranges are available throughout Austin during SXSW. Some students may also choose to bring their own meals. The hotel room should have a small fridge, allowing for some food storage throughout the week.
  • Where will we be staying?
    Last year, the HCU group stayed at Tru by Hilton Austin Airport, about a 15 minute drive from the Austin Convention Center. We have not yet booked our reservation for this year, but hope to return there or to a similar hotel in that vicinity. We’ll facilitate the best and closest lodging we can find within our budget. Students have also organized their own lodging and are welcome to do so again this year.
  • Will there be chaperones?
    SXSW is not treated as a standard university field trip with chaperones. We will not be accompanying students throughout all parts of the trip. HCU is providing access to discounted registration rates and group lodging rates to make it easier for students to participate in this event, but beyond that, HCU faculty are not responsible for the students throughout the week. That said, faculty will be present and contact information for all attendees (faculty and students) will be shared with everyone so that students can contact others in the HCU group at any time in the event of special needs or emergencies.
  • What if something changes and I’m not able to attend?
    After the registration has been purchased and the lodging reserved, no refunds will be available. In some cases, you may be able to transfer your purchase to a different student, depending on how close to the event we are. If we are not able to transfer your reservation to a different student, unfortunately no refund will be available.