“Christianity in Business: Applying Biblical Values to the Marketplace”: A Review

The News Magazine of HCU

The first book by the Center for Christianity in Business at Houston Baptist University, “Christianity in Business: Applying Biblical Values in the Marketplace,” is truly a read for every stage of life and background. As it says in the introduction, “This is a book for all Christians who interact with the world of commerce, and that practically means every believer. From the full-time housewife who is engaged in what economists called non-market production, to the retiree.”

Essays in the book by business experts explore the lordship of Jesus Christ over each area of our lives. They assert the centrality of biblical teachings in solid business and personal decisions. The Bible-basis for ethics is also the foundation by which proper treatment of others, including employees and customers, can come. David W. Gill and Al Erisman write, “We argue that the Decalogue clearly teaches that the first way we must treat God right is by granting him a place that no one else can have and valuing him as he deserves. Because people are made in his image and likeness, they too wish to be so treated.”

Ethical leadership is examined with a view for the profound and practical. Doris Gomez writes, “The temptation to compromise basic Christian values … for the sake of expedience is very great.” She conveys how Christian leaders can avoid such traps. Making a profit and worshipping God with one’s management of resources is expounded upon.

Al Erisman and Denise Daniels provide their take on the Fruits of the Spirit in the business setting. Other essays explore finding balance in a changing world, and renewing one’s mind through Scripture.

Book editor Ernest Liang writes, “As wise stewards of the talents, gifts, and time God has given to us, we need to be studious life-learners so that we become the best worker we can be and the shrewdest manager of God’s resources.”