Cinema Production Minor

Houston Christian University is proud to offer an innovative Cinema Production minor that enables students who are seeking to build upon their skills in filmmaking and media production. This minor provides students with a well-rounded foundation in cinema history, cinematic core principles, media production, and other cinematic arts and narrative arts.

Students interested in pursuing a career in the film industry or by complementing their knowledge in the cinematic and narrative arts would thrive in the minor in Cinema Production.

Join a Community of Artists and Innovators

Become immersed in the world of cinema arts and jump into collaborative courses and opportunities to learn with HCU’s Cinema Production minor program. While pursuing a minor in Cinema Production, students are empowered by working with our supportive and caring faculty. Students are able to build a community with like-minded learners who are also interested in narrative arts and surround yourself with innovators here at HCU.

Degree Plan

Cinema Production Minor Degree Plan