Bachelor of Science in Science Studies

About the BS in Science Studies Degree

With Houston Christian University’s Bachelor of Science in Science Studies program, students have the opportunity to expand their scientific knowledge.

The HCU Science Studies major provides a broad-based scientific foundation. The academically rigorous, contemporary curriculum includes focuses in biology, chemistry, computer science and the social sciences. Faculty members provide mentoring and learning experiences that enable students to grow in a Christian environment, integrating scientific principles with their faith.

Gaining a solid scientific foundation is essential for success. In HCU’s Science Studies program, students will have the opportunity to grow their skillset, gain a strong understanding of the scientific process, and know how to apply it in various fields.

Science Studies Careers and Opportunities

The Science Studies major can prepare students for graduate studies as well as careers in a variety of fields. These fields include the following:

  • Research
  • Technical health
  • Allied health
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Data analytics
  • Natural history
  • Quality control
  • Animal and plant science
  • Consulting
  • Lab management
  • Forensics
  • Toxicology
  • Energy
  • Related sales areas

Who Should Consider HCU's Science Studies Degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Science Studies program is perfect for students seeking to expand their skillsets and broaden their knowledge of several different scientific disciplines. Students interested in developing the skills necessary to pursue careers in health professions should consider HCU’s Science Studies program.

Mentoring Opportunities

At HCU, you’ll have access to faculty mentors who can help guide you through your studies. Our faculty members are passionate about helping students realize their full potential and reach their goals.

Build a Comprehensive Scientific Foundation

Our contemporary curriculum will enable students to broaden their horizons and examine a variety of concepts while studying biology, chemistry, computer science, and social sciences. With HCU’s Bachelor of Science in Science Studies program, students will be able to explore the scientific world while gaining important knowledge and skills for their careers.

Science Studies Degree Plan

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