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Biology (BS)

As the in-depth study of living organisms, biology is foundational for scholarship and work in areas including health disciplines, medical specialties, veterinary care, vegetation and horticulture applications, and even technology. The Biology Department of Houston Christian University is especially strong in the biomedical and biotechnology areas of biology. HCU Biology emphasizes cell and molecular biology, microbiology and animal systems. The program is taught by faculty with doctorates from respected universities who continue to make strides with professional research and publications.

HCU Biology prepares students for their professional goals with an academically rigorous, contemporary curriculum. Faculty members provide mentoring and learning experiences that enable students to grow in a Christian environment, integrating the principles of biological sciences with their faith.

Careers and Opportunities

A foundation in biology prepares students for multiple paths including in health professions, graduate school, and in diverse industries. Graduates of HCU Biology have become physicians, dentists, professors, biotechnicians, researchers, teachers, nurses and more. They work in the fields of allied health, quality control, ecology, animal and plant science, consulting, lab management, forensics, education, energy and related sales areas.

Pre-Professional Programs

The College of Science and Engineering also offers (in addition to advising for HCU degree requirements) specialized advising for students planning to continue their education after obtaining a degree from HCU by attending a medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant or an engineering school.

Degree Plan

[PDF] Biology Major Requirements

[PDF] Biology Minor Requirements

Departmental honors are available in Biology.

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